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We strive to meet the full range of physical and emotional needs of patients and their families.

  • Nurse Navigator: A trained nurse to help the patient navigate screening needs and the different treatment options. Through this highly-skilled individual, the patient and their families can find not only information, but an important source of support. For more information call Michelle Ellis, RN at 805.543.5353 ext 7077 or e-mail
  • Social Services and Support Programs: Offering one on one counseling, family counseling, and financial counseling specializing in insurance matters as well as pharmaceutical reimbursement.
  • Nutritional Coaching: Available to help patients' overall well-being at any stage of treatment.
  • Alternative Practices: Aid holistic wellbeing and relaxation including guided imagery, stress management, art and music therapy, reiki, and yoga.
  • Appearance Center: Helps all cancer patients find the resources they need to look and feel their best. Products available include wigs, make-up, and resources for prostheses and clothing.
  • Spiritual and Therapeutic Social Activities: Encourage patients and families to strengthen their supportive base within the community.
  • Educational and Lecture series: Presented by medical professionals specializing in cancer care.
  • Multimedia Education Library: Gives patients access to health databases that contain information about medical conditions, treatment options, nutrition, pain management, stress reduction, relaxation as well as books and videos.


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Hearst Cancer Resource Center wellness and support services provide a bridge between standard medical care and a full range of healing therapies. Our integrative approach offers a foundation for care that includes an array of programs designed to strengthen the body, educate the mind and alleviate the stress which often comes with a cancer diagnosis.

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